Sappers and Miners Co., 14th Brooklyn NYSM

All members of the Regiment were listed as being from Brooklyn. The length of their commitment was for the duration of the war.

Sappers and Miners Company in the 84th Regt., N.Y.S.V. (14th Regt., N.Y.S.M.)
Muster Date, May 30 1861; Muster site, Camp Wood Washington DC
Butt, Richard Captain 35 Gen. McDowell none
McLeer, John 1st Lieut. 33 do none
Kalt, Hyron 2d do 30 do none
Snyder, William Serg'it. 28 do none
Fulton, John 1 st Corp'l 35 do
Coit, Mason B 2d do 34 do
Lawrence, Thomas H 3d do 26 do
Barnard, Robert G Private 22 do none
Beard, James do 28 do none
Burtis, John do 42 do none
Butt, R. Frank do 18 do none
Compston, David B do 38 do none
Conner, Christapher do 26 do none
Danielson, John do 33 do none
Davis, William do 32 do none
Dickenson, David do 25 do none
Gregg, Joseph do 27 do none
Hackett. George H do 36 do none
Hanley, Larry do 27 do none
Holte, Charles do 25 do none
I-lull, A do 30 do none
Jordon, Thomas do 36 do none
Miller, A do 26 do none
Newman, Wm. B do 35 do none
O'Connor, John do 27 do none
Oliver, John do 32 do none
Dobson, David do 27 do none
Ostrander, Peter W do 31 do none
Ritchie, Jacob do 38 do none
Russell, Alex.W do 27 do none
Scofield, George B do 22 do none
Scofield, JKames T do 21 do none
Sherman, Charles P do 21 do none
Stewart, John do 22 do none
Victory, John P do 26 do none
Webb, Robert do 35 do none
Weeks, George W do 27 do none
Wortmani, Jacob A do 31 do none