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Edward Markam

Battery M, 3d N.Y. Light Artillery

Edward Markham Headstone

This photo was graciously contributed by Diane Siniard in 2010. At that time she maintained various NCGenWeb county sites as well as the NCGenWeb Military sites, MoGenWeb's Missouri in the Civil War site, and the Pasquotank County, NC GenWeb site.

"I have a photo of a New York Civil War soldier headstone I thought you might be interested in. The inscription reads:

Edward Markham
Co M
3 N.Y.L.A.

The headstone is located in Pasquotank County, NC in the Markham-Meads Cemetery off of Soundneck Rd on Hammer Rd. back in field.

Hopefully one of his descendants will find it and they will now know where he is buried.

Hope this helps!"

Curious as to why this lone marker was located in a small Southern rural family cemetery, the webmaster of the NYS Site of the Civil War website looked around on line and came up with the information below. The initial reasonable assumption that perhaps Pvt. Markham had died while serving in the Civil War, and been given proper burial by kindly North Carolinians, was unfounded. Edward Markham Sr. was a long-time, if not lifelong, resident of Salem Township, Pasquotank County, NC., both before and after the Civil War. The reasons as to why he enlisted in this particular Union regiment may have passed on with him in 1917, or with his children, although Mr. Markham might have quite a few living direct or collateral descendants.

Edward Markham might be the individual listed as Edmund Markham, age 11, in the 1850 U.S. census enumeration of Pasquotank, North Carolina. Also in the household were Rebecca Markham age 52, Margaret Markham age 28, William Markham age 18, and Joseph Markham age 5.

In the 1870 U. S. census, Edward Markham, age 28, was enumerated in Salem, Pasquotank Co. NC., post office Elizabeth City. Mr. Markham's property was valued at $1,000, his personal estate at $100, and the columns were checked for cannot read or write. Also in the household were wife Margret age 21, Mary E. Markham age 2, Edward Markham 3 months old, and Rolly Newby, female housekeeper age 40. Elsewhere on the same census page was the household of Thomas Markham, age 39, his wife Mary, and 4 children.

In the 1880 U. S. census enumeration of Salem, Pasquotank Co., NC., farmer Edward J. Markham, age 43, born NC and parents born NC, was residing with his wife Margret age 30, and 5 Markham children - Mary E., Edward, Sarah V., Margret and Joseph W.

The 1890 Veterans Schedule of Pasquotank, North Carolina, lists Edward Markham as having served with the Union forces. At time of census his address was given as "Newbegun Creek E. City N.C." On the census page it states that he served with Co. D of the 1 N.Y. Art., his rank was a private, that he'd served 2 years 9 months 10 days, that he enlisted on September 17, 1862, and was discharged from the service on July 27, 1865. A brief look around on line turned up that the home of Co. D of the 1 N.Y. Art. (Winslow's Fighting Battery) was considered to be Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County NY. This is likely a clerical error on the part of the census taker, as 5 other local men listed on the exact same page of the 1890 Veterans Schedule of Pasquotank, North Carolina, served with the Union forces in Co. D of the 1st NC Infantry (USA), and had enlisted and been discharged on the exact same dates. The census taker clumped most of the Co. D men together on the census sheet, and may have misheard or added Mr. Markham's information at a later time from memory.

As Edward Markham isn't on the online list of Co. D soldiers, enlisted prior to Sept. 17, 1862, and service in this regiment isn't noted on his pension index card, he might not have served in this regiment at all. An examination of his and his widow's pension papers would clear up any confusion. The 1890 Veteran's schedule had no mention of his having served with the 3rd NY Lt. Arty., but an online subscription database of American Civil War Soldiers has the following:

Name: Edward Markham
Enlistment Date: 1 Aug 1862
Enlistment Place: Roanoke Island, North Carolina
Side Served: Union
State Served: New York
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 1 August 1862 at the age of 21
Enlisted in Company Batty M, 3rd Light Artillery Regiment New York on 1 Aug 1862
Mustered Out Company Batty M, 3rd Light Artillery Regiment New York on 26 Jun 1865 at Richmond, VA

In the 1900 U.S. census, Edward Markham, age 45, a farmer who owned his own farm, was residing in Salem, Pasquotank Co., North Carolina. He states that he'd been married 14 years, was born in NC and his parents were born NC as well. The birthdate given for him was October 1854, which can't be right, although his age is legible as 45 on the census page. Mrs. Markham, age 44, had had 8 children, of whom 2 were living, including son Benjamin F. age 9, who was residing with them.

In the 1910 U.S. census Edward Markham Sr. age 69, a farmer with a general farm, was residing in Salem, Pasquotank Co., North Carolina. He states that he'd been married 3 times, was married to his wife Martha for 20 years, was born in NC and that his parents were born NC as well. Martha Markham, age 54, states she'd been married twice, and had had 8 children, of whom 1 was living, that child being their son Ben, age 19, who was a farm laborer on his father's farm.

Also residing in Salem in 1910 was Edward Markham Jr., age 40, and a farmer with his own home farm. Edward Jr. states that he was born in NC, as were both of his parents. Also residing in this household were his wife Julia A., age 33, and their 6 children - James, Annie, Mary, Julie, Nellie, and Bertha. Mrs. Markham stated that they'd been married 9 years, and had had 7 children, of whom 6 were living.

An online index to North Carolina death records has the following:

Name: Edward Markham
Age: 76
Date of Birth: 1841
Date of Death: 22 Apr 1917
Death County: Pasquotank
Death State: North Carolina

The same index has a record of his son Edward Markham Jr.'s death:

Name: Edward Markham
Age: 61
Date of Birth: 1871
Date of Death: 6 Jan 1932
Death County: Pasquotank
Death State: North Carolina

The card to Edward Markham's Civil War pension records states the following:

Name of Soldier: Markham, Edward
Name of Dependent, Widow: Markham, Martha
Service: 3 N.Y. L.A.
Invalid Application No. 880196, Certificate No. 8/9(?)26583, filed from N.C. on July 17, 1890.
Widow Appication No. 1105.370, Certificate No. 874913, filed from N.C. on August 4, 1917.

An original on-site reading of the Markham-Meads Cemetery was done in October 2007 by the contributor of this military headstone photo.

The New York State Military Museum website has the following information about Battery M:

3rd Artillery Regiment (Light)
Seward Artillery; Cayuga Regiment

Battery M, Capt. James V. White. This company was originally organized for the 76th Infantry, as Company I. January 24, 1862, it was transferred to the 3d Artillery, and completed by consolidating with it Captain Hanson's and another company, recruited for the Cherry Valley Regiment. It was recruited principally at Albany, Schenectady, Broadalbin, Elmira, Cherry Valley, Bainbridge, Newfield, Ithaca, Milford, Unadilla, Braman's Cove, Sanford, Hartwick and Cayuta; organized at Albany and there mustered in the service of the United States for three years, January 18, 1862. At the expiration of its term of service those entitled thereto were discharged and the battery continued in service. It joined the regiment February 22, 1862, and served in North Carolina, and the 18th Corps, from March, 1862; at and near Fort Monroe, Va., from October, 1863; in Heckman's Division, 18th Corps, from January, 1864; in the 1st Division, 18th Corps, from March, 1864; in the 3d Division, 18th Corps, Army of the James, from May, 1864; in the Artillery Brigade, 18th Corps, from June, 1864, and in that of the 24th Corps from December, 1864. Commanded by Capt. John H. Howell, it was mustered out at Richmond, Va., June 26, 1865.

Regarding it's predecessor infantry regiment, the New York State Military Museum website has this, from Phisterer's New York in the War of the Rebellion:

76th Infantry Regiment
Cortland Regiment; Cherry Valley Regiment; Otsego County Regiment; Cromwellian Regiment

One company, I, of the Cortland Regiment, and the companies of Capts. Nicholas Hanson and Nelson S. Bowdish, of the Cherry Valley Regiment, were organized as a battery and assigned as Battery M to the 3d Artillery.