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Some Soldiers Who Served in Other States Buried in New York State

by Betty Auten

Feb. 1999

The listings below were sent via email by Mrs. Betty Auten, former historian of Seneca County, NY, in February 1999. Betty had several Civil War computer database projects in the works, of which both the nature and status are unknown, before her passing. This is all that Betty ever sent and has been copied and pasted as is.

In her own words:

"This is an attempt to send you one of my collections. As shown, these are men who served in other states and died and were buried in New York.

Most of these records are from a major collection abstracted by regional activated Civil War groups and were under the care of a member from Seneca Falls, a Mr. Excell. I was given permission to microfilm these records. Others were added from various cemetery record collections.

Another collection indicates men who served in other states and were listed in the 1865 or 1890 censuses for New York towns and counties. These are not included in this collection since it is not known whether they were buried in New York State. It is still in the process of development."


Abbreviations: art - artillery / bur. - buried / Cav - Cavalry / cem - cemetery / co - company /corp-cpl - corporal / dp - discharge papers / en - enlisted / ex- Excell records / gr - grave / hosp - hospital / inf - infantry / nd - no date / [usually a government stone] / pri - private / Prot - Protestant - reg - regiment / sec - section / sgt - sergent / U S - United States


Amos, Frederick Co F 2nd Arkansas Cav. bur. Mt Hope, Rochester, died 1/17/1913 - ex

Bishop, Albert W. St. Col. 1st Arkansas Cav. died 11/30/1901, 69, bur. Lakeside cem. Buffalo - ex


Akers, William A en co A 154th inf, Cattaraugus co born ca 1844, Great Valley, died 3/25/1930, Veterans Home, Ca - int

Barnaby, John W en co D 20 Calif. inf and co D 44 NY inf 1836-1916 bur Masonville cem, Delaware co - ex

Beers, Richard co I 6 Calif inf died 3/19/l9l7, 67 bur Forest Lawn cem Buffalo - ex

Clark, John W pri co K 6 Calif reg Gar Post 29 New York City, No. 74 - ex

Cunningham, John J pri en co A 1st Calif reg bur Yonkers cem no date - ex

Ferwilliger/Terwilliger, Jasper pri co B 9 Calif inf died Bath l/5/l907, 72 born US

##Gregory, James en as pri with Capt B R West in Co c 4th reg California 9/l9/l861, out 10/5/l864 at Drum Barracks, Calif. Born New York State, 26, dp Seneca Falls, member Cross Post, l890 in Seneca Falls

Hinman, John en Co H 8 Calif inf l841-l9l7, bur Bir? cem route 38, between Groton and Locke in Cayuga Co - ex

Payne, Sheldon H pri co C 6 Calif. inf died Bath 11/31/1910, 75 born US

Smith, Thomas pri co i 1st Calif Cav died Bath 5/10/1912, 80 born US - ex

Soper, Philo ? 71 Pri co E 1st Calif Inf b US bur Bath died 6/18/1899

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