I Co., 14th Brooklyn NYSM

All members of the Regiment were listed as being from Brooklyn. The length of their commitment was for the duration of the war.

This muster was held after the Battle of 1st Bull Run.
I Company in the 84th Regt., N.Y.S.V. (14th Regt., N.Y.S.M.)
Muster Date, August 1, 1861; Muster site, Arlington VA
Adolphus W. H. Gill Captain 31 Lt. Col. Fowler Mustered as Adjutant May 23d, 1861
Clayton Scholes 1st Lieut. 30 do Missing in action, July 21st 1861; mustered as private in C Co. May 25 1861
Silas A. Ilsley 2d Lieut. 21 do Mustered as corporal in C Co. May 25 , 1861
Andrew L Beers 2d Sergt. 33 do none
John Jenkins 3d do 27 do do
Benjamin T. Green 4tli do 34 do do
John A. Wells 1st Corp. 32 do do
John F. Young 2d do 18 do do
Michael Gailaier 3d do 23 do do
John W. Lee 4th do 24 do Killed in action July 21st 1861 (not mustered)
Antrop, Swan Private 35 do none
Brown, Henry, Jr do 36 do do
Bodger, Thomas do 24 do do
Bowers, Robert do 19 do do
Cranston, Alfred do 21 do do
Cleary, James do 21 do do
Dunbar, Williams do 24 do do
Evans, Fredrick do 19 do do
Cuscaden, Felix do 30 do do
Francis, Louis do 40 do Missing in action 1861 (not mustered)
Higginbotham, Richard D. do 23 do Killed in action 1861 (not mustered)
Hodges, William A do 24 do none
Howick, James do 21 do do
Hegerman, Rutger do 24 do do
Kelly, George W do 28 do do
Lane, Daniel do 22 do do
Millard, Williams do 19 do do
Nesbit, James do 40 do do
O'Connor, John do 21 do do
Richardson, Simeon H. do 29 do do
Spencer, Robert do 20 do Killed in action 1861 (not mustered)
Senger, Edmund do 25 do none
Smith, Asa B do 27 do do
Tehan, Thomas P do 22 do Killed in action 1861 (not mustered)
Thompson, Charles S do 24 do none
Wrigley, Squire do 19 do do
Wer, Daniel do 19 do do
Wier, Donald If do 40 do Absent on furlough(not mustered)
Weston, John D do 23 do Died from disease 1861(not mustered
Webster, Robert do 23 do none
Winstanley, Henry W. do 19 do Absent on service(not mustered)
McGeehan, James do 25 do Wounded in action July 21sr 1861
Mott, Henry G. do 19 do Wounded in action July 21sr 1861
Mott, John do 18 do none