G Co., 14th Brooklyn NYSM

All members of the Regiment were listed as being from Brooklyn. The length of their commitment was for the duration of the war.

G Company in the 84th Regt., N.Y.S.V. (14th Regt., N.Y.S.M.)
Muster Date, April 25-May 10, 1861; Muster site, Camp Wood, Washington D.C.
Garwood Plass Captain 35 B. M. Case none
L. L Laidlaw 1st Lieut. 25 do none
R A. Goodenough, Jr. 2d do 21 do none
Chas Stuart 1st Serg'it. 21 do none
C. H. Shier 2d do 29 do none
David Ryan 3d do 25 do none
Henry Everding 4th do 30 do none
Hugh Riley 1st Corp 25 do none
F. A. Hermance 2d do 30 do none
William Stewart 3d do 29 do none
John R. Bennett 4th do 20 do none
Dilks, Henry Drummer 16 do none
Armstrong, Morrison Private 20 do none
Anderson, Peter do 39 do none
Boyle, Edward do 21 do none
Boyle, John do 27 do none
Cuscaden, George do 36 do none
Creighton, Robert do 23 do none
Colton, Thomas do 22 do none
Clark, John C do 19 do none
Condon, Michael do ... do none
Casler, Adam do 20 do none
Coe. James do 35 do none
Come, James do 19 do none
Canning, James do 19 do none
Degan, Edward do 21 do none
Decker, Robert A do 33 do none
Dewolfe, Stephen do 19 do none
Ennis, Edward do 20 B. M. Case none
Eason, John W do 18 L. L. Laidlaw none
Gribbin, Thomas do 22 do none
Gaffney, John do 19 do none
Gillin, John do 23 do none
Geisselman, Francis do 20 do none
Graham, Thomas do 23 do none
Gummerson, Dayton do 32 do none
Hermance, Charles do 18 do none
Hilton, George do 25 do none
Hilton, Michael do 21 do none
Jacoby, Gotthard do 24 do none
Lynch, Edward do 21 do none
Larkins, James do 21 do none
Lynch, John do 22 do none
Mahoney, David do 23 do none
Minnot, Joseph do 22 do none
Meeker, Geo. H, do 37 do none
McHoney, Cornelius do 19 do none
McCluskey, Thomas do 21 do none
Mungerford, John do 20 do none
Nestor, Patrick do 30 do none
Pollard, Calvin do 19 do none
Peck, William F do 22 do none
Passeen, Alfred do 18 do none
Porter, John F do 21 do none
Rice, Robert do 23 do none
Rhodes, James do 19 do none
Riley, Hugh do 18 do none
Richardson, Joseph do 20 do none
Raser, Warren B. do 18 do none
Strauss, Louis do 22 do none
Scott, George W. do 22 do none
Stapelton, William do 24 do none
Simmons, Charles do 21 do none
Valentine, Henry do 19 do none
Whaley, Charles do 19 do none
Wallace, William do 24 do none
Herbert, John do 27 do none
Supper, William do 22 do none
Schwebel, Francis H do 40 do none
Struffel, Eduard do 22 do none
Schmith, Jacob do 24 do none
Smith, Walter M C do 24 do none
Thiery, Augustus do 26 do none
Vezi, Liberal do 26 do none
Wameer, Benjamin do 20 do none
Wilson, William do 27 do none
Warthmann, Ilenry do 34 C. M. Baldwin none
Williams, John do 20 B. M. Case none
Charles Teri do 32 Harnacker none