Taken from a clipping in the Folklife Center at Crandall Library, Glens Falls, NY.

A List of Survivors of the Twenty-second Regiment,
Present in This Village,
Aug. 9, 1888

From the Glens Falls Republican of Aug. 21, 1888.

Through the courtesy of David H. King, secretary of the
Twenty-second regiment veteran association
on the occasion of their late reunion here, August 9,
we are enabled this week to lay before our readers a list of those present,
and other valuable information relating to the old regiment,
which cannot fail to be of interest to all:


Amos T. Calkins

John McCreary

Patrick McCall

Nicholas Nelson

Charles E. Abbey

George W. Porter

Courtlandt Adams

John B. Swartz

Nelson Pratt

Roger Spain

William Curtis

Martin Slattery

Algernon Culver

Ralph A. Savage

Abram Devitt

Schuyler Vandecar

Wm. H. Flannigan

Jos C. Vandeworken

George Flannigan

Wm. VanAntwerp

George F. Fonda

William Weidman

John T. Francisco

Joseph E. West

VanOlinda Gordon

Frederick Weaver

Rosen J. House

William Welch

Henry W. Heartt

Malachi Weidman

Samuel Johnson

Ira M. Wilson

Charles Kilby

Joseph Herriman

Edward Lavery

Daniel G. Waldron

Egbert A. Manning


Lt. Wm. Hoysradt

C. Henry Sheldon

Edwin L. Bragg

Alexander Lackay

Charles J. Bragg

Lewis R. Harsha

George Bates

Edward Deegan

John C. Mullen

William H. Brown

George Simpson

William Brown

Barney Burns

David H. King

Charles H. Forbes

Alva J. Williams


Charles H. Austin

George F. Greene

Gus Ensign

John Wright

Truman Kingsley


Robert Hamilton

Joseph B. Matteson

Jabez Bennett

Daniel Harrington

William P. Hover

Octavus LaPoint

Cornelius Askey

John Rice

Willard Lawton

James H. Buck

Edward Towne

Michael McGowan

William Smart

George Caldwell

Wm. Langworthy

Henry Granger

Darius Chapin

Frank Smith


Harvey Kingsley

Fred H. Cramer

Charles W. Reynolds

George W. Stevens

Jacob Miller

J.W. Morgan

Nathaniel Warren

Amasa Reed

A.P. Simpson

Oliver McAuley

Wm. H. Pike

J.W. Houghtaling

George C. Kingsley

George S. Luther

Henry O. Cronkhite

Warren Smith

Henry Snyder

Junot Caples

George Hall

Frank Warren

Charles Terryll

George S. Brown

Howard Coles

John J. Baker


P.J. Savage

Austin W. Holden

J.A. Newcomb

Fred E. Ranger

J. McDonald

Franklin W.T. Colt

Nathan Thompson

Lyman Harris

Henry Buck

Harvey Robbins

F.A. Reed

Henry Sweet

Sylvester Lord

James C. Tripp

Martin Whiting

Thomas P. Hall

E.B. Moon

Ephraim Brown

W. H. H. Davis

Charles Wells

James E. Hall


J.A.C. Horton

Henry Baird

Edwin Horton

Wesley Lamphier

Newton Church

George Hoadley

Arthur Smith

Elisha Cook

Carlos Smith

Dyer Sharp

Lewis Vermett

Fayette Ferguson

Charles E. Ingram

Wm. Parker

Wm. Baldwin

Thomas Covill


Wm. H. Bennett

D.H. Bennett

Thomas Murphy

Lewis Luther

W.H. Huntley

Clark Mott

George Blake

David Frisby

Ira Foster

Rufus Gardner

George Chase

James W. Chase

Heman Lake

E.H. Gates

Randolph Rogers


Lyman Ormsby

James T. Boyle

Joseph Lahue

Benj. Wood

A.J. Stewart

Thomas Doyle

John D. Taylor

John Knights

Isaac Germain

John Stevenson

John Smith

Jacob Bennett

Joseph Coburn

Joseph Shampany

Charles Coburn

Alfred W. Slocum

Joseph R. Seaman


Capt. E.F. Edgerly

James H. Farrell

David W. Murdock

John H. Ferris

Oscar P. Murdock

Asa K. Patten

George Young

Burritt L. Buck

John F. Todd

James Arbuckle

L. O. Morris post 121, G .A. R. of Albany, was represented by George C. Hover, orderly sergeant of L. O. Morris post drum corps, and Andrew Dunlap, fifer.
The boys displayed very great talent and gave some fine music, with but one drum and one fife.

Letters of regret were received from the following members of the Twenty-second regiment, who were unable to attend the reunion of their old comrades:

Lt. Gorton T. Thomas, Fargo, Dakota territory.
Maj. Jas. W. Schenck, quartermaster, Denver, Col.
H.D. Woodruff, quartermaster, Auburn, N.Y.
Lt. W.S. Whitney, Co. I, Chicago, Ill.
G.O. Adams, Co. G., Firth, Neb.
H.H. Barton, Co. B., Greeley, Col.
Oscar C. Vaughn, Co. F., Tripoli, Iowa.
Chas. Harris, Co. B., Sligo, Mo.
L. Sturges, Co. F., Excelsior, Neb.
Truman Hall, Co. F., Beatrice, Neb.
Worden E. Stoddard, Elberon, Ill.
J.F. Case, Co. E., Swantown, Neb.
John Richardson, Co. F., Menominee, Mich.
S. McClellan, Co. C., Beatrice, Neb.
A.M. Ferguson, Co. H., Grand Haven, Mich.
Zabina Ellis, Co. E., Washington, D.C.
H.S. Chalk, Co. H., Gustavus, Ohio
Orsamus C. Nichols, Co. F., Buffalo, Kan.
Heman Lake, Co. H., Old Chatam, N.Y.
Jas. A. Skiff, Co. I., Pottersville, N.Y.
Lewis Paro, Co. F., Meriden, Conn.
Andrew J. Lansing, Co. F., Andover, Day county, Dakota Ty.
Levi Better, Co F., Warrensburgh, N.Y.
Joseph Hoag, Co. C., Lake Placid, N.Y.
Elias C. Call, Co. F., Walnut Grove, Ill.
Robert Barber, Co. E. U.S. marshal, Montgomery, Ala.
Lt. Jas. H. Merrill, Co. F., North Greenwich, Washington county, N.Y.
Wm. F. Redding, Co. F., New York City

In addition to the letters received from "the boys" of the regiment, regretting their inability to take part in the exercises of the reunion, the following came from Brig. Gen’l Hatch, who commanded the "Iron Brigade" after the promotion of Gen'l Augur; from C.C. Augur, the second commander of the brigade, and from Major George Clendon:

Washington, D.C., August 3, 1888
Major A.W. Holden, President Vet. Association, 22d Reg't N.Y.V.I., Glens Falls, N.Y.
Dear Sir: I regret very much that it will be impossible for me to accept your kind invitation to attend the first annual reunion of your veteran association. I always remember with so much pleasure my first brigade — all of New York regiments, and none better than the 22d — with its soldierly and gallant Colonel Phelps.
        I trust you will have a happy and a numerous reunion, and that you will continue to have them for many, many years.

                                          I am very truly yours.
                                   C.C. AUGUR, BRIG. GEN'L U.S.A. (retired)

August 2, 1888

Major Austin W, Holden. Comrade: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of you invitation to attend the first reunion of the 22d New York on the 9th inst. I sincerely regret that circumstances beyond my control will prevent my being with you. Hoping and believing you will have a good time, I am.

                                   Truly yours,        JNO. P. HATCH,
                                   Brig. & B'v't Maj. Gen'l, U.S. Vols.

August 7, 1888

My Dear Doctor: I am sorry to be obliged to say I cannot take part in the reunion of the dear old 22d. Circumstances keep me here this summer much against my will. Be good enough to give my love to the buys — rather old boys by this time — Ormsby, Patten, Fassett, and the rest of them. 
       The 22d did its duty, no more, no less; and duty is better than glory.
       I thank God who enabled me to take part in the preservation of our country and the destruction of slavery. We did the job well and it will stay done. I shall think of you on the 9th. Hope you will have good weather and a good time.

                                   Yours very truly,                      GEORGE CLENDON

MAJOR A.W. HOLDEN, president.
       In conformity with a resolution adopted at the late reunion, the retiring president has appointed the following executive committee, to whom will be referred the time of the next reunion, and the preparation of a constitution and by-laws for the proper regulation of its future affairs:

       Company A, Adjt. M. Weidman, Cohoes, N.Y.; company B, Edwin L. Bragg, Fort Edward, N.Y.; company C, George F. Greene, Troy, N.Y.; company D, Robert Hamilton, Greenwich, N.Y.; company E, Adjt. John S. Fassett, Saratoga, N.Y.; company F, Lieut. James H. Merrill, North Greenwich, N.Y.; company G, Wesley Lampheer, Rutland, Vt.; company H, Randolph Rogers, Sandy Hill, N.Y.; company I, Benj. F. Wickham, Schroon Lake, N.Y.; company K, Lieut. John J. Baker, West Troy, N.Y.


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